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*****For the safety of the pug we DO NOT SHIP*****

We are looking for "Permanent", "Stable" loving homes for all my puppies.  If for any reason you think are may "NOT" be able to provide this for a dog,  "please do not submit an application".  We do not want our pugs being bounced from home to home.  We want the home to be the last home they will ever need!  Thank you for your understanding!


I like to get to know you before I can make any decisions about who gets to adopt one of our babies.  We like to brag about our new babies, so you will need to check back to see when we will be expecting new ones.  Check our "Nursery" page found on this website.


This completed application will help me know you better.  It is very important that I find the best appropriate home for every puppy.  This application does not qualify or disqualify you to obtain a puppy from me.  It only gives me the information I need to place each puppy in the best homes possible.    I as a breeder, have a true love for the pug breed, and consider them as a part of my family. I have confidence in the quality and bloodlines of my dogs, it's hard letting them go.  After all, I have raised these puppies since birth and watched them grow.  I have nurtured them and I am not about to let all that time and energy go to waste on someone who truly does not care about the dog.  I am a member of four kennel clubs and follow our code of ethics.


If you have any questions please contact:  chris@wahoopugs.com


Incomplete applications or errors in submission information will be dismissed



Please keep answers short & to the point, too many words in a box with cause this form to NOT submit.

First Name:

Last Name:


City, State, Zip:


E-Mail Address:


What do you expect to pay for a top of the line well-bred quality puppy, with a 1 year health guarantee?.

Are you and your household including current pets willing to travel to meet your the puppy & me?

Are you willing to house train?

Do you own a pool?  If yes, please describe safety precautions taken.

Are you planning to move within the next 6 months?

What do you plan to do with your puppy while on vacation?

Do you have a fenced in yard?  If not, how will your Puppy get exercise and potty time?

Please list all members living in your household, including ages. 

Number of Adults.

Names and Ages of Children.

Does anyone in your household have allergies?

How much time will you allow your new pet to adjust to it's new home, and environment?

Do you rent or own your home? 

Landlord name, address and phone number and email if available..  Is there a pet deposit?  Are dogs allowed within your lease?

What veterinarian do you use?  list name, address and phone

Who will care for your new pet?

Do you breed animals? If so please describe what breeds, dogs or cats etc.

How many hours per day will your puppy be left alone?

Have you had previous experience with any social or health issues in a canine?

Please describe characteristics of the Puppy you would like:  Activity level, age, sex, etc.

Would you require compatibility with:  Dogs?  Cats?  Children?

Do you mind snores or dog hair?

Have you ever taken an animal to the shelter?  If so please explain

Why do you wish to have the Pug breed?

What do you know about the Pug breed?  Are you interested in learning more?

What type of pets and how many are in your household currently?  Please include a brief description of their temperament.

Are all current pets vaccinated in accordance with your local animal law requirements?

Are all current pets currently on heartworm and Flea prevention?  If so, what brand do you use?

Where will your pet be housed?

Please provide name, postal address, email address and phone number of three references not related to you.

Dogs often live longer than 15 years and are a lifelong commitment.  Not just a passing whim.  Will you take responsibility for his/her entire life?

Will you be financially able to provide canine maintenance such as monthly Heart worm prevention, Check-ups, Flea Prevention, Teeth Cleanings, etc.?

Note other comments here?

Please keep answers short, too many words in a box with cause this form to NOT submit.

By signing below I certify I am at least 21 years of age.  I understand and agree that (Wahoo pugs) has my permission to contact and verify any of the information I provided.

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